Solar Returns, Natal Charts, relationship astrology for Bright Future,

Peace-of-mind with your future!  Look at focus of your birthday year.  Tiiming for launching new products . Children charts

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Looking at relationhips of all kinds

I have years of astrology experience helping clients prepare for the unknown. Ask about:

  • Relationships  $100
  • What your birthday has in store for you   $75
  • Birth Eclipse meanings for you in detail $75  
  • Current Eclipse meaning $35
  • Getting a Child's chart, perfect  gift for the new mother $75

Your Natal chart  $100

Business relationships and I also do notary if that is needed.  Price depended on time spent Usually $150



Building Relationships

Everyone has different relationship needs.  This is called Synastry Reading and is very helpful  $100

The Business Relationship  $175

Putting it together


Family issues have solutions

Synastry is the looking at the relationships of you with others. $100

Financial Astrology and how you handle your money  $100

Children's charts and their growth and moods  or the Baby's chart $75

Great Gift for a  Baby Shower for the new one coming in to the world  $75



Health Views

Medical astrology is a complex branch of the astrologer's art. Many factors need to be taken into account when considering the overall health of the individual.

This report aims to give you a picture of some of the astrological indicators in the horoscope that correspond with your health and wellbeing.  This is based on the Natal.  And we can also look at the coming year. Each session is $100. You can do both or one


Fixed Stars Report

Fixed stars, constellations and lunar mansions are the most ancient astrological heritages of humankind. Long before there were horoscopes, aspects, houses or signs (or even systems of writing!) the dedicated priest-astrologers of Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, Greece, Phoenicia, Egypt, China, India, Central America, indeed, of virtually every ancient civilization of which we have record, carefully observed and analyzed sky-patterns, and attempted to relate their observations to the experiences of humankind, under the universally-held doctrine, "as above, so below."

Diana K Rosenberg's report that I use is excellent for telling you about your fixed stars and how they relate to you. This is $100 for the reports.


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